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UKPH Wild Card

UKPH Wild Card Web

UK Ponies & Horses are delighted to announce its continued support of the Wild Card Series for 2024. 

This will allow one competitor from each of the three Young Rider Classes, as well as the Amateur Class to gain qualification to the Royal International Horse Show 2024 in their respective classes via a “Wild Card Ticket”.  This will be based on a league table which will be updated after each RIHS qualifying show via the UK Ponies & Horses Facebook page and the website

As each combination qualifies in their own right, they will be removed from the table and the highest placed combination at the end of the qualifying period, once the last RIHS qualifying show has taken place, will be the combination that is awarded the Wild Card. 

Verification on the results will be confirmed by the UK Ponies & Horses Admin Office. In the event of a tie, the ticket will be decided on the number of placings based on a sliding scale in the current year.  If this still results in a tie, then the decision will be made on the number of shows attended in the current year.